hair type 4bHair type 4b is in between curly and kinky hair. It appears to be tightly coiled, fuzzy and the texture is much coarser and brittle than hair type 4a.

Hair type 4b has a cottony texture with a less defined curl forming a zigzag pattern. Instead of curling, the length of the strand tends to have random kinks in it that look like the letter “Z”. This hair can shrink up to 50% of its true length.

People with Hair Type 4b tend to be of African descent. Some celebrities that naturally have Hair Type 4b include Esperanza Spalding and Jill Scott.

Hair Type 4B Tips

Seeing that hair type 4b is easily susceptible to damage, hair should be given proper care. Avoid overly heat styling. Heat destroys curl patterns and causes breakage. Moisturizing everyday is mandatory. Dry curly hair should never be brushed or combed as this creates frizz and can lead to breakage. Conditioning and co-washing can help. Products like Jane Carter Nutrient Replenishing Conditioner can do wonders. Hot oil treatments are very important as well.

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