hair type 4aHair Type 4a is tightly coiled hair with an “S” pattern.  People with hair type 4a may have waist-length hair, but it will look as if they have shoulder-length. You will more than likely find people of African, Latin, and biracial backgrounds with hair type 4a. A example of a celebrity with hair type 4a is Bre Scullark.

Hair Type 4a need to use the right oils, shampoos, and conditioners in order for it to grow and stay strong. They will also need to lead a healthy lifestyle. Hair Type 4a does well with butters like shea butter. Many 4a hair types make their own shea butter mixtures, which consist of shea butter and coconut oil.

This hair type does not need to be washed too often with shampoo. It is best to wash this type of hair at least every two weeks. Conditioner washing can be done every week. Co-washing is also another option.

It is important to moisturize hair type 4a once a day. Water is 4a hair types best friend.

In order to hold in the moisture, it is a good idea to do two strand twists or braid on the hair nightly. Wrap the hair up with a satin scarf. Sleep on a satin pillowcase. Don’t use a comb or brush. Only use a comb when you detangle. Only detangle when the hair is wet.

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