hair type 3cHair type 3C has tight curls in corkscrew shapes. These curls tend to be kinky and each one has a large number of individual strands of hair closely packed into it. The width of each corkscrew is about that of a drinking straw or a pencil. In addition, hair type 3c often has a fine texture. Individuals who have some degree of African ancestry are more likely to display this hair type than those who do not.

There are also a number of celebrities have this kind of hair. Alicia Keys are in this group.

Hair Type 3C

Hair of this kind tends to be fragile and therefore can be damaged fairly easily. It is also very prone to develop major tangles. As a result, hair type 3c requires some particular attention in order for it be manageable and stylable.

The use of a satin cap or pillowcase at night can help to reduce tangling. It is not recommended that the hair be detangled when dry, It is better to apply plenty of conditioner and patiently work on the hair. In addition, there are butters, oils and creams specifically made for styling this hair type.

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