hair type 3aHair Type 3A

People with hair type 3a usually have a lot of hair. Most people with type 3a hair have loose and shiny curls. It also becomes more defined as it grows larger. Hair type 3a is packed with elasticity. However,  its shape can be damaged with rough treatment. The curls are large as about the size of a piece of sidewalk chalk.

People of European countries such as Greece, Hungary, or Romania may have hair type 3a. Latin backgrounds, Indian, biracial and people of African descent naturally have hair type 3a textures.

Like all curly hair, it can be difficult to control. The S-shape of the hair can be fragile and is prone to damage from extreme heat or pressure.  Too much hair straightening or yanking can cause major breakage.

Humidity leeches in easily on Hair Type 3a and it can either look frizzy and limp. Hair type 3a can benefit from leave-in conditioners like Pureology Leave-In Hair Condition, or an anti-frizz mousses like Alfaparf Milano Precious Oil Tradition Anti-Frizz Eco-Mousse or a light gels like DevaCare Defining Gel .

Perhaps not as effective as some products which help the curl hold its form, but baby oil goes a long way towards keeping frizz down.

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