Tomela Wright a.k.a Mela is from the D.C./Maryland area and is on her way to take over the hair industry. Her styles are classy yet exotic and she seems to have OCD if a strand is out-of-place.

How long have you been in the hair industry?

I began in the industry as a teenager, that has been over 10 years ago. Professionally, I have worked in the industry over 5 years.

What sparked your interest & what keeps you intrigued today?

What interest me the most about the hair industry is the fact that there is no limit to my creativity. The first time I realized I was expressing myself through something I enjoyed, I became passionate about it. The pay didn’t hurt either. I am a person who enjoys staying on my toes and on top of the latest and greatest. This is an industry of constant changes and that’s what keeps me intrigued. I’m always learning new techniques and styles. I look at each client as a challenge and each happy client is an accomplishment.

Describe your most bizarre hair moment.

The most bizarre experience I have had been working in D.C. fashion week and experiencing all of the chaos backstage of a huge production.

Is there anybody in particular you wish to work with or alongside?

I would love to work alongside Hadiiyah Barbell, Warren Beautiful, and Bambii Montgomery. I wish to work with anyone creative and I can see their story through their work.

Do you have any hair idols or role models?

My mother is very inspirational and motivational to me; she supports my every move I make, as well as my best friend she gives me a push when get discouraged. Marcella Ellis is a major role model for me she is an excellent business woman, she handles this industry well and I have learned a lot from her.

Have you had any celebrity clientele or wish to go that route?

I have not worked with any celebrities and I’m actually not sure if I would like to go that route but I definitely wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to try it if I was given the opportunity.

Where do you see your business in 5 years?

Five years from now, I see my business with a strong foundation, constant growth, an excellent reputation for creativity and great customer service.

Any long-term goals?

My goals are to own a salon as well as a beauty school that is merged with fashion as well as I dream to work with Essence, Ebony and W magazine as well as many other magazines I hope and plan to be published in.

Any hair secrets?

The real secret, is listening to my clientele and understanding the right product to use to achieve the maximum positive result.

Are you mobile or work in a salon?

I work in a salon and I also freelance.

How do we contact you?

I can be reached through my website at as well as by email at

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    I loved this interview. It was great to see some of the great local talent. She really is awsome and so was your interview.


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