Stylist Name: DeeDee

Location: New York City

How long have you been in the hair industry?
I have been doing hair for about 11 years now, since I was around 12. I began working in a salon maybe 4 years ago

What sparked your interest & what keeps you intrigued today?
I have a lot of hair. I began by doing my own hair and fell in love ever since. I used to do extravagant braiding in my own head and would get asked about it so much in school, I became known for doing hair. Then came the neighborhood clientele. Hair is so versatile; it brings forth confidence, personality, and speaks without the person having to say a word!

Describe your most bizarre hair experience.
My most bizarre hair experience was probably when my hair caught on fire in February! (HA!) So embarrassing, I had to cut off nearly 6 inches on one side and had to even it all after.

Is there anybody in particular you wish to work with or alongside?
I would love to work with the greats in the well-known companies, Fekkai, Paul Mitchell, Redken, and many more. Especially, Noogie Thai from Paul Mitchell, he is a hair architectural genius.

Do you have any idols or role models?
In terms of hair, I love all talented professionals. You have to love it to succeed, and that is in anything you do. I take things from everyone. Whether it is in local salons all the way up to techniques I learn in hair conventions. As far as generally, Bob Marley is my role model. Generically speaking, the message of overcoming adversity, never compromising your beliefs is one I live by.

Have you had any celebrity clientele or wish to go that road?
I haven’t had any celebrity clientele (yet) but I did get an opportunity to get complimented on my work and to give my card as I worked alongside a radio personality. The most I would say is having worked with agency models on editorial shoots.

Where do you see your business in 5 years?
I work freelance for now but in the near future, I see myself managing a team of underground amazing hair stylists, traveling all over the world to do hair for Fashion week, and many other huge events.

Any hair secrets?
Everyone’s hair is different, so my best advice is to know YOUR hair and avoid heat and over processing as much as possible to lessen damage.

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