Hair shedding is normal. All hairs shed. However, the amount of it within a certain time period can determine how damaged your hair is.

Healthy Shedding Per Day

This is pretty average shedding after styling hair.

A little bit over average shedding per day.

This is not terrible, but small tweaks can do wonders.

1. Use a softer brush and wider comb.

2. Deep condition your hair with a homemade natural deep conditioner or switch to all natural hair products like Jane Carter

3. Moisturize your hair with Castor Oil.

4. If you are not already, drink a half gallon of water a day.

Repair Alert

This is pretty bad for the day. You need to change some lifestyle habits, products, and maybe a hair stylist.

1. Start eating more fruits, veggies, and nuts.

2. Drink a Gallon of water a day.

3. Use all natural hair products.

4. Moisturize & deep condition your hair 3x a week with a Garlic Shampoo/Conditioner or Garlic Supplements mixtures with your favorite oils.

Photo 4: You need a hair doctor

***This calls for an emergency. Whatever you are doing, it is just wrong.***

Please make an appointment with your Dermatologist! 

Some reasons why you may be shedding:

  • Are you stressed?
  • Are you on birth control or under any other type of medication.
  • Are you pregnant?
  • Are you on a poor diet? Unhealthy fast foods, sodas, candy, etc…
  • Are you no taking basic care of your hair?
There could be various issues going on in your life that can cause this aggressive hair shedding . Again, the best answer for this much hair loss includes visiting your dermatologist. ASAP.

Youtuber KISSseventyseven shares her story about using Garlic to treat hair shedding. She also shows how to create a basic mixture with garlic to your hair if you are experiencing hair shedding. 

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