Welcome to the Hair Flavor Series by the Natural Hair Guru.  The first spice to hit the stage is Porosity!  Simply put, porosity is your hair’s ability to absorb moisture.  Therefore, it’s easy to see why this spice is considered the most important of them all.

There are 3 levels of Porosity- High, Low, and Normal.  Let’s take a peek at each one.

Your hair’s porosity level is determined by the quality of your cuticles.  This is the outer layer of your hair that shields and protects the delicate inner layer; like a rib cage to a heart.

High porosity means that the cuticles are wide open like a bag of chips; the moisture is quickly absorbed, but unfortunately just as quickly, it leaves.  Sorry to say, this porosity level means the hair is certainly damaged.

Solutions for healthier hair with High Porosity

  1. Cut off all the dead ends
  2. Use acidic conditioners and shampoos
  3. Use protein treatments

Low porosity is the complete opposite of high porosity, the lesser of the two evils if you will.  The cuticles are tightly closed making it difficult for moisture to slip through.  On the bright side, however, once the moisture is in it’s tough for it leave.  I often label this porosity level “stubborn child”; it’s hard to get a stubborn babe to do something, but once you do, it sticks!

Solutions for healthier hair with Low Porosity

  1. Use a steamer
  2. Raise the pH with conditioners
  3. Use the baggy method

Normal porosity means that the cuticles are perfectly positioned where the moisture will both enter and exit freely at a natural rate.  In other words, this hair is SUPER healthy!

Solutions to preserve healthy hair with Normal Porosity

  1. Maintain a moisture and protein balance
  2. Treat your hair like a Ferrari and not a mere Volkswagen

Now it’s time for the exciting part; testing your hair!  Perform this simple water test to determine your hair’s porosity level.

*Natural Hair Guru Tip: For best results, perform this test on freshly cleansed hair.

Porosity Test – Take a few of your hair strands from your comb or brush and simply drop them into standing water.  Done!

Now for the results…drum roll please!

  1.  If your hair strands sink quickly…you have High Porosity.
  2.  If your hair strands float…you have Low Porosity.
  3.  If your hair strands gradually sink…you have Normal Porosity

Tiffani Davis, founder of the Natural Hair Guru, is an enthusiastic hair lover who has even been described as a total hair geek!  Being intrigued with hair ever since she was rocking pigtails, she is ever so eager to help any and everyone on their hair journey. Tiffani aims to help people show off their true potential with Amazing, Vibrant Hair for as she says “There’s gorgeousness in every hair strand, the trick is to unlock it; I have the key.”

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