Learn more about your hair sign? Are you a vibrant Gemini like Naomi Campbell?

Traits:Always Youthful, Flirty, Fickle, Changeable, Sophisticated, Outgoing, Cunning, Superficial

Lively. Majestic. Purposeful. Surprise. That sums up a hairstyle of

a Gemini. With the fast paced and always changing lifestyle the hairstyle of a Gemini has many variations of a styles that describes them. At times you out of no where, they do a drastic change, like a hair cut, or color, or braids, whatever, just a change to suit their boredom with their regular hairstyle. The twist is sophistication with a youth twists to it. It may not be the most original, but it will sure be a head turner. Gemini hairstyles phases match their changeable lifestyle. Long for period of time when life is a little freer to maintain, short when speedy Gemini has a lot at hand, etc.

Famous Geminis: Venus Williams, Lauryn Hill, Naomi Campbell, Patti LaBelle, Zoe SaldaƱa

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