your hair glory

“Your hair is your crowning glory”

are some of the things we have heard as girls growing up so it is not surprising that as an African woman we go to great lengths to keep our crown sparkling. Do you love you hair glory? Or Hate it.

“As a young girl I would be excited to have long braids done as it meant for a while I was able to place my hair behind my ears, it blew in the wind and I could flick my hair back in a “go back silly hair” move.

A Hair Glory Story

I found it very unfair that Caucasian and Asian little girls did not have to go through what us African little girls went through every Sunday evening. Our mothers would undo our hair, wash and then straighten it with a hot comb so it would be “easier” to comb before she plaited it. Mums would take their daughters, sit them between their legs and begin the plaiting process.

I have what we call “hard mashona type” hair. So each time mum combed my hair I would raise my bottoms off the ground to follow the comb because the comb did not just slide out of my hair like it did with my Caucasian counterparts. I despised Sunday evenings.

I would try as hard as I could to maintain my hairstyle for at least two weeks so I could have one torture free Sunday but alas, Mummy always wanted my hair to look impeccable for the coming week.

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