There are tons of products out there promising to have the winning formula. While we all love a great hair product, it’s what we eat that can really determine how our mane looks.

The hair is mainly made out of a protein called Keratin.  This special protein is what keeps the hair strong and shiny, but it can’t do it alone.  It is up to us to eat healthy to maintain our hair.   So here are some tips on how kick start your mane into the healthy zone.

First things first, Drink your water: Drinking water can do so much for your hair. Got problems with moisture? Make sure you are getting the right amount of water in your diet.

It is recommended to drink about 8/8 oz glasses of water a day. Don’t drink this amount all at once. Divide this amount throughout the day to balance your intake.

Keep it Green: Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, provides calcium and iron. It also has vitamin A and C. Both of these vitamins helps with sebum ,  which helps condition the hair and adds shine. Veggies consumed raw or lightly steamed is always best. Over cooking will take out most of the vitamins needed for healthy hair.

Beans: Kidney Beans and Lentils are just a few of the types of beans that provide iron, zinc and biotin for the hair. If you lack biotin in your diet it can result in the hair feeling and looking brittle on the ends. This also will result in an increase in hair shedding.

Scalp Treatment: Many do not know this, but eating carrots helps condition the scalp. Carrots have a great source of vitamin A. Vitamin A reduces hair loss and retains the hair because of its natural scalp treatment.

Multi Vitamins:  Sometimes it can be hard to get all those vitamins and nutrients every day.  Taking multi vitamins can ensure you receive those essentials daily.   Make a trip to your local Vitamin Shoppe or GNC for tons of vitamin selections based on your diet and needs.


All in all, those hair products are great ads to keeping the hair in tip top shape, but do not neglect the overall health of your hair.  Nutrients that you feed your body help fortify the hair follicles which is how our hair grows.  Taking care of your body from the inside will not only allow you to maintain healthy hair, but it will help your body overall.

These few tips can go a long way.

Sasha Manley

Sasha Manley created Natural High, an Independent Hair and Lifestyle blog created to inspire audiences with self-love, quality of life and purpose.  It has a funky mix of art, lifestyle and hair love.  It’s through her blog she gets inspiration for all her writing to share with everyone.

In any spare time, she likes to draw, paint and work on her DIY projects. This year she is working on her latest projects with Natural High, book writing, graduate school and business ventures.

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