Arguably, freeform is the simplest way to start dreadlocks. So what is the freeform method? After you have started the initial twisting that sets in place the locking of the hair, the only thing that you do to the hair is wash it and let it be. Once you have twisted your hair, it will start to lock on its own and eventually, they will become thinner locks. The freeform method is perfect for people who have very tightly coiled hair that gets matted and tangled easily. Individuals who have straight hair or more of a loose curl textured may find that more care is needed in order to get the hair to lock.

How to Maintain Freeform Dreadlocks
Most people ascribe to the notion that dirty hair makes the best dreadlocks. However, it is best to wash the hair twice a week and allow them to dry under a hooded drier. In order to moisturize the hair, which is essential, it is best to use natural oils and pomades. Avoid gels, waxes and hair conditioners in that may have harmful chemicals. In addition, using these styling products can also cause a build up of residue that can facilitate scalp itching. Massage your scalp in order to enhance the circulation of blood, which in turn can help with hair growth. After your hair is washed, twist the hair in the same direction of the twists in order to create a neater lock. At night, in order to keep your locks smooth and to prevent your hair fluffing up around the edges, you can secure your hair with a satin scarf.

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