I decided to go natural in April of 2010. I had my last texturizer and was determined to grow it out and get back the thicker, longer hair of my youth. At first it was business as usual. I washed and straightened my hair once per week, trying to get the new growth to match the chemically-straightened ends of my hair. It was pretty easy at first. Then, the new growth became so thick that it was nearly impossible to make the two textures match without doing even more heat damage than I had previously suffered.

I leaned heavily on IC Hair Gel and hard-bristled brushes to scrape my hair into submission. It worked, but my edges suffered loss and lost hope in seeing any length retention. It seemed every time my hair got a little longer, split ends took over and I would have to trim them off only to remain at the same length.

After frequenting quite a few natural hair care blogs I decided to follow their lead and document my Natural hair journey with photographs. Style by style, month by month.

Fast forward to March 2011. I had an NAEB (Natural Hair Emotional Breakdown) wondering where my length was and hating the fact that I had ever started the journey. I ventured through the photos I had stored in my “Natural Hair Journey” folder on my laptop and began to feel my spirit lift a little. Not only was I seeing the tremendous growth of my hair, I was also seeing how far I had come with styling methods.

From 2011 to 2012 obvious growth shown through photographs has been rampant. Even after cutting my hair in April 2011 and then trimming it 4 times since then, I have seen such amazing length retention and thickening of my hair due to protective styling, deep conditioning, henna and a host of other TLC methods. It’s not always so evident in our day-to-day lives. We can get a bit impatient, being that our hair only grows at most one half inch per month but over the course of time, the differences are significant.

I highly recommend keeping  a photo journal of your Natural hair journey because there will be days when you get a little down on yourself, thinking you’ve made no progress. There will be days when you hit up Sally’s, Walmart or your local beauty supply and actually BUY a boxed relaxer because you can’t take it anymore. But in those desperate moments, revisit your photo journal and you’ll be extremely satisfied with the success you’ve had already and hopeful for the success you’ll have with your hair in the future.

Do you take pictures of your hair? Have you been able to see significant differences by doing so?

La Truly

La Truly is a late-blooming natural-haired Aries whose writing is powered by a lifetime of anecdotal proof that awkward can transform to awesome, and fear can cast its crown before courage, meaning fear loses out to courage. Armed with the ability to purposefully poke fun at herself, La seeks to encourage thought, discussion and change through her writing. Check out on her blog: http://www.hersoulinc.com and Twitter: @AshleyLaTruly.



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