There are many stylish ways to manage curly hair. Women who have naturally curly or wavy hair tend to think that they have limited styling options because curly hair often resists styling, but this is not true. Women with kinky, curly or wavy hair can do a lot to keep their hair from frizzing up. There are also ways to style the hair that accentuates the curls instead of flattening them out.


Women with curly hair can keep the hair from frizzing up by using a moisturizing shampoo that seals the moisture in. A mild shampoo is the best option for women with this kind of hair, followed by a moisturizing cream. Experts tell women with curly and frizzy hair to keep shampooing to a minimum during the week. At best shampooing can be done twice a week to avoid stripping the hair of its essential oils. Hair should be air dried instead of blow dried, since the latter can really damage and break hair strands when done too often. Hot oil treatments can also do wonders for dry, curly hair.


Curly hair can be cut short but this is not a good style for women with round faces and soft features. Hairstyle experts recommend keeping curly locks at shoulder’s length. To accentuate the curls one can add a little curling mousse to keep the strands in place and to remove frizz. One can also choose to have curly hair blow-dried or flat-ironed straight to get a very smooth and sleek effect. However, this is not recommended for everyday styling, since the heat can easily break hair strands.

Ways to manage curly hair abound but everything must start with good maintenance in order to keep the hair moisturized and easier to handle. A good moisturizer is important, as well as spacing on shampooing to keep the moisture and natural oils in. Styling curly hair is also easy, with curling and straightening options open to women with this type of hair.

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