Many women with kinky, course, and fine hair textures experience a great deal of hair growth with braids. Here are some ideas on hair growth with braids: safe braiding systems that encourage hair growth.

The Crown and Glory Method
The Crown and Glory method is found on The creator of the method has pictures of her near waist length relaxed hair in and out of braid extensions.

This braiding system starts with kanakelon braiding hair. The ph of the braids is brought to a healthy level by soaking the hair in vinegar and water solution and allowed to dry overnight. There is a video that shows the basic hair braiding technique for the plats.

If the plats with the braided ends are not desired, consider purchasing kanakelon hair that has a slight wave or is curly. The hair around the ears and hair line is redone every three weeks. The hair can be washed and conditioned with the braids in.

Use a braid strengthening spray every day. Do not use a mix of oils and water or a spray that is not formulated for braids. Using light braid sprays is the best way to avoid a heavy amount of build up within the base of the braid.

Another safe braiding systems that encourage hair growth is the half wig or full wig method. This method involves wearing the hair in plats or cornrows. Each night the scalp is moisturized and ends are lightly oiled. The hair should be braided or plated so that it lies flat. If personal braiding technique is poor, consider wearing a curly wig with volume to disguise that the braids are not flat. The hair can be washed each week and conditioned with the braids in. Use these tips to achieve the best hair growth with braids.

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