This technique has been spoken about here and there, but I personally wanted try it myself since it works best with my hair color, #27 (Strawberry Blonde).

So basically,

  1. I made a huge basin of coffee (without the cream and sugar)
  2. I wait until it cooled down a bit
  3. I emmersed my entire head in the basin for bout 20 minutes, watching the coffee naturally darken my hair.
  4. I left it in there for about another 30 minutes.  (I up a shower cap over it to darken it some more)
  5. I conditioned it, and watched some of the fade back to my original color.

The Pros

  1. It works if you keep in for a very long time
  2. Its natural, with exception with the conditioner you choose to use

The Cons

  1. You smell like coffee
  2. It will not completely darken your hair
  3. Works best with light hair
  4. It will wash out after the 4th wash
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