Spring is here and with comes the perfect time to break out a new style and some color. Consider a cut that accentuates your facial structure and brings out your best features. Feeling playful, or just tired of the mundane? A dash of color for newbies, or whole head changes for veterans are both in order.

5c6cdd8cee37d683611da63e969c2081A professional stylist is trained in color techniques that will keep your new shaded locs healthy. If you opt to try boxed color at home, follow instructions to the tee. Color can be painfully drying. It depletes moisture like a sponge. Make sure to invest in a good conditioner and moisturizer. You already know the deal on heat usage. Less is better in most cases, but it especially true when using dye.

A well done cut is always in style and one you can sport with sheer confidence. Choose a style that you can maintain after you leave the salon. Make sure you are ready if the new cut is a dramatic change in length.

If you have pictures of models with the style you want to them in. Be specific as possible with your stylist about the look you want created. Pick someone who does great work. You won’t be able to swivel in the chair to monitor the process, so trust is important.

Give yourself a minute to get used to the new look and pick up a couple pair of earrings to accent your new style. Be in it for yourself. People will have opinions, don’t let the negative ones that may surface stop you from strutting your stuff. ¬†Hopefully, you’ll love it and appreciate the self confidence needed to try fresh looks.

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