For girls who don’t like messing around with tangled masses of hair every day, a short haircut (anything from chin-length and up shorter) is a great chic solution. Whether you’re going for something simple or driving at something sexy, there is a look that’s just right for you.

Here are 4 cute haircuts for short fine hair that might get you to switch up your look. Straight, fine hair is the easiest to style and easy to maintain. This type of hair would hold any style best and work great with haircuts that have detailing (like asymmetrical styles or super-straight fringe).

The Flapper

Cute Haircuts For Short Fine Hair

If you want to go for a classic look, go for a vintage look by keeping the length just above the jawline and getting a full-on fringe reminiscent of the ’20s flapper girl. If you have strong features and like dark eye shadow, you can definitely pull off this look.




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The Bob

Cute Haircuts For Short Fine Hair The Bobo

You can also go for a more modern length with the short bob by keeping it just skimming the jawline. Have your stylist cut it to frame the face. You can also opt to have bangs, from full-on fringe to something that can be swept aside if the need calls for it.





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Short & Layered

Cute Haircuts For Short Fine Hair short and layeredIf you want something with a lot of movement, go for a short layered cut. The layers allow for interesting texture and create movement with every swish of the head. This is a great fun haircut for trendy girls.




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Pixie Style

Cute Haircuts For Short Fine Hair pixie cutIf you want to go for the androgynous look, get your hair cut in a pixie-style. Have the edges blunted for better texture. Don’t get it cropped too close if you don’t want to end up looking like GI Jane. Some side-swept bangs keep this haircut fun and flirty and keep it from looking too boyish.




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