Sisters are taking advantage of the beauty of natural hair in a variety of ways. One that is taking hold again is revamping fades and brush cuts. They are easy to maintain and there are any number of ways to showcase your unique style.

I wore a brush fade from 1989-1994 and loved every second. My barber had my hair so tight, that brothers would remark that my fade was tighter than theirs. I took it a step further and had an “X” cut in the back of my head which I adorned with rhinestones. I don’t advocate for placing adhesive that close to the scalp. I charge the lapse in judgment to my love for the music of X-Klan,the popular conscious rap group from the early 90s.

However, there was nothing like running my hands over my almost bald head. I loved the feel of the water when it hit my scalp while showering. Swimming was also a breeze.

Today, sisters are coming up with some pretty creative designs which they rock with with natural hair styles. If you are adventurous go on and have fun. You can opt for subtle lines to African symbols that represent black culture.

Keep in mind, that while you won’t have a lot of upkeep at home (shampoo, brush, and go) that you will need a bi-weekly line up at minimum. Keep those eyebrows tight too, because the focus will be on your face and hair. If you are going to rock it do it right.

If you swim make sure and shampoo and condition to keep hair in a healthy state. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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C. Imani Williams, is a freelance writer and social justice activist. She works to bring about awareness and positive change. Imani's writing has appeared in Black Fem Lit Magazine, Alt. Variety, Teen Girl Talk Magazine, Diva Gossip, Hello Shopper, Geleyi and various other publications. Imani, holds an MFA in Creative Non-Fiction writing from Antioch University. The Detroit, Michigan native resides in So. California, where she greets the sun with a smile.

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