Curl formers are a smart option to get curly luscious hair. They usually come in sets of different sizes such as: short and narrow, long and extra wide, long and narrow, extra long and wide. You can also buy sizes separately to fit your desired hair style. When you go and buy a kit of curl formers, it will come with a two piece hook . The pieces are interlocking, so they can fit through all of the different sized curl formers.

The first step to getting beautiful curls is to push the hook all the way through the curl former, it does not matter which opening you start at. Twirl the hair at the section you are going to put the curl former. It’s a good idea to use wet or damp hair, and to also use a hair product like an olive oil root simulator. Now that the hair is twisted, place the hook under the hair you sectioned off, and push the curl former as close to the scalp as you can, while making sure to hair falls out. If any hair happens to escape, begin again. Pull the hook smoothly out of the curl former. Repeat these steps until all the hair you want curled is encased in curl formers.

Wait for hair to dry, or to speed the waiting process up, blow dry the hair dry . Next, use one hand to hold hair close to the scalp while using the other to straighten the curl former and let it slip off.

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