Do cornrows hurt? And if so, how can I prevent them from hurting?

Well, here is the answer: yes, unfortunately cornrows can hurt. It does not matter what texture your hair is, or what style you are going for. If the beautician pulls on your hair too tight, it pinches the scalp resulting in severe irritation and headaches. However, there are ways you can minimize the pain.

First, ask your beautician to braid your hair loose before they start. The style will not last as long, but you will not experience as much pain.

However, sometimes as your hair is being braided, you may not realize how tight it is until it is done or later on in the day. If that is so, grease your scalp with grease or natural hair oils. You can also spray small amounts water on the scalp or braiding hairspray like Dr. Miracle’s Braid Relief Spray. Don’t forget to massage the areas in between your braids, making sure you do not interfere with the hairstyle. Try an aspirin if the pain continues to minimize headaches caused by the tightness. Worst comes to worst, and the pain is unbearable, you may have to take it out and redo it.

Usually, after 3 days the pain will completely go away as your hair will grow and loosen up the cornrows.

However, please be mindful that tight braids can cause long term problems, like Traction Alopecia and hair breakage.

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