Learn how to switch up your natural with comb coils. It is a style that twist your a small comb.

First, the hair should be damp and moistened either by using gel or water. Then using a comb, separate the hair into smaller sections in different fun shapes like a triangle, a square, or a circle. Comb the smaller areas well until they are free of tangles. The next important thing to do is to use a good quality styling gel and apply it on the section of the hair. Once done, use a rattail comb and put it at the roots of this section of the hair.

After this, use the rattail comb to slide from the root while slowly turning the comb gently clockwise. Make sure to do it carefully and gently so that it does not twist too tight. This has to be done until the comb is completely out of that certain section of the hair.
Repeat the procedure on all other sections then you will have a fun new hairstyle in no time.

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  1. Eve mombelly

    I think this website is very useful 4 my hair i tried the egg and mayo treatment and it work well and i also tried the braiding tricks on ur website and i just wanted to say thanks 4 da mad good tips. From, Eve from pawtucket 11 years old

  2. Vissa Studios

    Hello Eve
    Thanks for the compliments, we are trying each day to make this site better and better. I hope to see one of your styles one day!


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