Have you seen the number of wigs available today? They aren’t the type grandma wore. Nope. They are lightweight and come in a variety of textures, colors, and styles. Wigs are can be worn to the office and for dress up when you want to do switch up with something totally different. There are wigs are for dress up and for everyday.

We all have memories of playing dress up in with mama’s clothes, jewelry, and shoes. If mama kept a wig on the dresser, you may remember begging to try it on. Back in the old days, many sisters wore wigs on a regular basis (it was easier since there was much multitasking to do during the day). You may have wondered what sista so-and-so’s hair looked underneath the wig. You may never gotten a chance to see for yourself unless you caught her during an emergency situation. That’s a woman’s prerogative too.

I had a classmate during high school who would sometimes don a wig. It was the early eighties before weaves became popular and she caught a lot of flack. I admired her courage to be different and stand out.

Some sistas go to work in a conservative style and when Friday hits and they are about to go out on the town a wig is a convenient choice.

Go ahead and experiment by stopping into your local beauty supply store. After you marvel at the sheer number of alternative hair available try a few on (with a stocking cap) and have fun.

As Goddesses, we don’t have to lock ourselves into hair boxes.

Check out the video for instructions on how to protect hair when wearing wigs:

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