If you are a true 80s baby, then you remember the show Family Matters also known as the “Urkel Show.” Well if you paid attention to the Winslow children, besides for Laura of course, you would have noticed Jaimee Foxworth who played Judy on the show. Even though she wasn’t there for all of the seasons, her hair reminded me a lot of kids my age at the time. The pony tails and the barretts were a classic look back in the 90s. I’m not even sure I see children in today’s age wearing ponytails and barretts anymore.

Jaimee Foxworth always had beautiful hair. She appeared to be type 4b as a child. You can see the way the curl pattern is minimal or not present at all, in fact, it appeared to be kinky textured. Over the course of her childhood, her hair was then pressed or slightly straightened with a hot comb to make the hair more manageable.

Through the years she has kept her hair in great shape as well. In her pre-teen and teenage years, she wore the classic styles that most young girls did back in those days. The style with the back down, and the front half in a ponytail and of course the above the eyebrow bangs.

Today, Jaimee still has the length and health of her mane. It shows that she is not afraid of experimenting with different looks since she added blonde highlights to the front section of her hair. It is unclear if she is still natural or if she relaxed but it is obvious she uses heat often to obtain her styles.

To get the feathered look that Jaimee Foxworth sports, on freshly washed hair, apply setting lotion over the hair. For the bottom half use big rollers to set the hair in big curls. For the middle layer, apply medium sized rollers, and for the top, use smaller set rollers. Allow hair to dry, preferably with heat. After hair is completely dry, take down the rollers, apply a dime sized amount of oil to the hair and wrap hair in a beehive. Let it set for at least 20 minutes. After the desired amount of time has passed, finger comb the hair back down in the same direction as you had wrapped it. Style as desired.
You can apply heat to the roots if you want a sleeker look.

Ijanei Smith has been into healthy hair practices since the age of nine. Learning different techniques to gain optimal health to her own hair through trial and error, she aims to spread the knowledge with other African-American women who are struggling with their hair as well.

Her philosophy is “to know better is to do better,” and when it comes to ensuring she spreads her knowledge of growing or maintaining hair, there is no limit or trial she is not willing to try.

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