Dreadlock wigs are now rampantly used as accessories for costumes as well as for personal hair enhancement. Costume dreadlock wigs are available in Rasta, ethnic and party design.

Before anyone wears a dreadlock wig, one should consider whether he or she will be bearing it hair down or updo and whether to choose real human hair or synthetic hair.

Hair specialists, apparently, prefer dreadlock wigs with bangs to make it more realistic. Customized dreadlock wigs is quiet expensive, depending on the material used in creating them and how strands are neatly interlaced manually.

Natural-colored dreadlocks are even more expensive since it can be used in an extended period of time without losing its trend. Moreover, these wigs are sometimes hard to find in common hair shops. Isaac Davidson of New York’s CyberParlor is one of those rare sellers who provide high quality dreadlocks online.

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