Burmese hair is not well known but its texture is a cross between Chinese and Indian hair. The texture of the Burmese hair is well suited for African-Americans. The Burmese hair is healthy and extremely resilient. It will last for a long time. Because the hair is naturally straight with a curl at the tip of the hair, it is good for clients who prefer straight hair. The hair is as gorgeous as the Brazilian hair.

Malaysian hair is a rare grade of human hair. It feels very soft and smooth, and thicker than Indian hair. The hair texture is usually weaved and extensions. A Malaysian hair weave is a method of installing extensions that won’t cause harm to the surrounding natural hair. It’s a procedure by which actual human hair extensions are, very gently, braided into a client’s natural hair without glue or bonding agents, and without using unnecessarily tight braids that pull at the scalp, break natural hair, and yank it out by the roots. With its dark color, smooth sheen and natural moisture, it’s the most luxurious and versatile types of human hair available. It’s the gold standard.

Virgin hair is like gold (and sometimes more expensive). Genetic factors ensure that this hair is of the utmost quality. It has been grown for generations by the same families specifically to be cut and sold. It has never been chemically treated in any way (blonde hair is grown on a blonde head, curly hair on a curly head) and as such is much better suited to coloring and perming if necessary. It is at its best when left in the virgin state (i.e. choose colors and blend them to match your color exactly) but can last very well if colored correctly and gently too. This hair can last many years. Most extensions don’t use (or even know about) raw/virgin hair because it is very rare and extremely expensive.

The Chinese virgin hair is very silky and smooth, and comparatively thicker than Indian hair. If we make a simple comparison among them we can draw it like that: Chinese Virgin is unprocessed Chinese hair that is naturally straight
Malaysian = Chinese/Malaysian hair that has a slight wave to it. Burmese = Chinese hair that is super straight.

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