Hair locking is found to be one of the natural techniques of managing hair that is very popular to some cultures. The hair form locks when a section of the hair has intertwined and cannot be picked apart. If some strands of the hair fall and if the hair is not combed, it will tangle and intertwine to form a lock.

Bladelocz is among of the hair locking types created by Cherie King, a natural hair stylist. This loc method started with braids and maintained with the latching method. This is base in an idea that there are a lot of people who love braiding but frequent braiding has caused permanent hair loss problems; this is found to be one of the solutions.

Bradelocz has promised to offer a lot of benefits. With Bradelocz, both braiding and locking is fused into one, without worrying about alopecia. Your hair will be free from damaging and harmful hair chemicals while enjoying the texture of your naturally beautiful hair. This also frees one from consuming time rebraiding the hair.

You might be asking about versatility of Bradelocz as hair locking style. It can be styled in any way you want or it can be left as it is. Starting to lock your hair may require effort but the result will soon be very overwhelming.

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