When photos of Chrisette Michele’s new do hit the social media waves it was nothing but love.The Grammy Award winning vocalist is pictured sporting a short honey blonde cut with slightly longer kinks on top.

So why are we are loving this cut? Simple. It’s daring, yet unique.

Many readers that have seen this look have been inspired to change their natural hair look up a bit and asked for my suggestions.

Here are some ways to spruce up those kinks.

Simply change up the hairstyle. If you have been wearing updos, try wearing your hair out in rods, roller sets or twist outs. Some great products to try are

Curl Formers: It’s a new fun take on adding curls to your hair. Get the Curlformers Salon Kit.

Hair Dyeing: Everyone knows how I feel about dyeing the hair. I’m not opposed to it. You just want to make sure that it is done correctly.Going to a professional salon is always helpful. If you feel confident about doing it yourself?  Creme of Nature Colors Hair Color is a good recommendation.  Also Henna hair dye is also a good alternative to the average chemical dyes we use in our hair.  Henna provides a more natural approach to dying the hair.

New Hair Cut: When going natural, one of the biggest perks is increased hair growth. To some, cutting is out of the question. You would be surprised how a hair cut can freshen up your look.

Adding hair: Adding hair can really provide some versatility for a short term change.

No matter what you chose to do. Whether its dyeing, cutting, adding or styling be sure to always take are of your hair, this means moisturizing and conditioning on regular basis. This always come first before styling. Don’t neglect this. So be your own celebrity! Rock a new style you have been wanting to try 🙂

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Sasha Manley

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In any spare time, she likes to draw, paint and work on her DIY projects. This year she is working on her latest projects with Natural High, book writing, graduate school and business ventures.

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