Black history, like our hair should not be relegated to the end of a short month for celebration. Like our hair, black history should be happening  3-6-5 days a year, and twice on Sunday. As it goes, the topic of black hair has shown up in the media quite a few times.

Black history, like our hair should not be relegated to the end of a short month for celebrationFrom babies being expelled and suspended from learning institutions for rocking natural styles, to sisters still unsure about going natural in the workplace, we are unclear where the new hair journey will lead us.

Rest assured, that people too shortsighted to see the beauty and the confidence that comes from a girl child who loves her hair isn’t ready to work with kids on a daily basis. Confidence comes in the way she raises her hand in school to answer questions, and the way she reads and employs critical thinking skills early on. Our girls need support in loving themselves. So many of our fore mothers did not have the opportunity to see their children into adulthood.  The loving was meted out in short term as long days of toil brought broken hearts, bent backs, and head wraps full of sweat.

Today we can wear any matter of styles and we do it well. Our hair story is rich and full of women using creativity to bring their inner beauty out. Often this was done with few amenities to make it happen.

Short or long hair is our crowing glory. Even brave sisters who have lost locs to cancer treatment make a statement that exudes confidence when sporting a beautiful bald head.

The hair styles here represent some of the diversity in black hair.

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