Take It From Rihanna….

If anyone out there ever thought that the emo look and black girls don’t go together, they’re wrong. All one has to do is take a look at pop star sensation Rihanna to know that it can be pulled off. To begin with, emo style is about attitude and how you carry yourself. Secondly, emo style focuses on two things: hair and makeup.

Black girls may face a bit more of challenge with emo hair, but the solution is easy. To get long straight hair, use a relaxer then flat iron away. Razor in some layers and keep some short ‘spiky’ pieces on top for volume. Then back comb some of your hair underneath for volume and messiness, and finish with hairspray. Emo makeup can easily be done on black girls. In three words? Heavy black eyeliner! Set it off with some bold colored eyeshadow and nude lips. Voila. Emo!

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    First of all, rihanna is definately not emo. Her hairstyle isnt emo. So you sound ridiculous even comparing her to african american emo styled hair. Im black I have emo hair, my hair is very long and easy to manage though. When I see other black emo girls and boys the first thing I think is ” um…ok…ew”. Most of them dont look good. They look greasy, ugly, and nappy. So its proven that its not for everybody. The girl is the picture is clearly not emo…shes scene.


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