Ever wake up one day and your scarf fell off and you sweated out your hair? Missed your hair appointment and you can’t go for another couple of days?  Or even just didn’t have the time to do your hair because of your work?  There are a few simple solutions that can end that Bad Hair Day.

The Wig

Even if you are natural or not, a proper wig can solve all problems. Every women should have a least a Bad Hair Day wig at home. It doesn’t matter if you choose a lace wig or regular wig, it can cover your secret and protect your hair until you have the time to redo your hair.

The Ponytail

Ponytails are among the most popular method in covering up an old style. You can do a ponytial with your own hair or add-on an instant ponytail. Please just make sure it matches your roots if you plan to use extensions. If you have curly hair, use a curly ponytail to match your texture.

The Scarf

Scarfing is unique and can be considered fashionable that makes a statement. It’s very stylish and you will get a lot of positive compliments. However, this is not the best idea for a scorching hot day in the summer.

The Bun

Bunning is healthy and quick to do. Many even has argued that bunning is the reason for their hair growth. You can even add a fake bun as well.

Your Stylist

If you just can not or prefer not to do any mentioned prior, take a day off and just go to your stylist to solve your problem.


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