We tend to see the world of hair in three different segments: straight, wavy and curly. Straight and wavy hair types are pretty straight forward (and wavy forward, I guess) but those who have curly hair know that it can be anything but predictable. Some days curly hair will zig when you want it to zag and turn out looking like anything but the shiny curls that show up on the best of hair days.

So how can you nudge your mane in the direction that you want it to go? If you’ve been feeling lately like your hair is more frizz than kink, coil or curl, give some of these tips a try to help enhance your hair’s natural pattern.

1) Apple Cider Vinegar

An apple cider vinegar rinse is one of the best ways to make those curls pop! Apple cider vinegar has a chemical pH that is very close to hair’s natural pH. Rinsing your hair with apple cider vinegar removes all the gunk and buildup that comes from every day product use, restoring your hair to it’s most natural curl pattern.

2) Moisturize

This is such a basic idea and yet a lot of people do it a lot less than they’re willing to admit. Moisturizing on a regular basis will ensure that the hair shaft lays flatter which will encourage your coils to be softer, sleeker and shinier.

3) Chop It Off

Split ends aren’t a good look for anyone but they seem to be much more visible when they’re hanging around on curly hair. Curls with thick blunt ends will be much more bouncy and full, so if you’ve been putting off a trim, a visit to your stylist will liven up your locks.

4) Finger Coil

If you do braidouts or twistouts on a regular basis and notice that your ends are crinkly or straight instead of curly, you might want to try leaving the last inch and a half unbraided. Twisting the ends around your finger with an extra bit of gel will finish off your braidout with adorable curls. This method also works great for shorter hairs around the ears and nape of the neck that escape from ponytails and buns!

5) Break Up With Your Brush

If you’re using the wrong brush it can seriously cramp your (curly) style. Brushes with synthetic bristles are more likely to snag and pull on hair strands damaging the hair shaft. Boar’s hair bristle brushes are effective at smoothing hair without causing mechanical damage.

6) Diffusing

Not using hair dryers makes sense if you’re attempting to avoid heat damage but some stylists suggest that air drying may lead to more frizz. A hair dryer’s diffuser attachment does exactly what it’s name suggests: it diffuses the air coming from the hair dryer so that it circulates around the hair instead of hitting it directly, mimicking the feel of air drying but doing it in less time, with less frizz and more pop to your curls.


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