50 years in Hair ?! – If you have ever had a hairstyle & an elder has said to you “ We used to wear our hair like that in my day!”…then you understand where Im coming from. Hair & fashion, as everything else, comes full circle. Everything you see today is a revamped version of something that was out & popular before. Hair care has come a long way from mixing mixtures of lye & petroleum jelly in your kitchen sink..take a trip down memory lane with me. Worst case scenario..you find a new hairstyle.


This era was categorized by heavily styled hairdos. Updos, Bouffants & Flips Oh My! In the African-American community, the heightened afro gained its initial popularity. Twiggy, a fashion icon, also popularized the Bob & pixie cuts.


This era was notorious for mullets, the “Farah Fawcett” fan curl & crimping/curling portions of hair


Crazy Ponytails, Experimentation with big/fringed bangs, Mohawks, braids, short afros, & super straight hair were the rulers of this decade.

1990- 2000

In this decade, supermodels sexified the large hairstyles popular in the 1970s & made them more realistic for everyday wear. Asymmetrical bobs & The “Rachel Cut” made an emergence. The spiral cut & the pixie cut were also redefined.

2000- Today

By now, I am sure you have seen a couple of hairstyles you, or someone you know, wear today. The afro is once again gaining popularity, as well as the natural twists & locks that were once popular in the 1980s. Lace front wigs have also made a smashing debut on the scene, after initially being available for exorbitant amounts of money, or if you were in the theatre. Along with finding new ways of extension application (fusion, glue, sewing), we have incorporated all of the past decade’s designs into the styling of our hair. Look at these photos of some modern day celebrities & try to guess which era the hair came from….Vissa Divas always know how to spot good hair.

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