It is not the current mainstream hair style

Currently, the hair style today is straight long, wavy, short and sassy, and unique. If it were the 70’s again, I am sure there will be more natural styles. Styles go in cycles, the afro will be back sooner or later.

The hair can break easily if not taken care of properly

Unprocessed natural hair needs to be taken care of consistently. The natural tresses must be moisturized daily, if not, it will break.  My father said he had to braid his hair every night with a lot of moisture so his afro could be healthy, strong, and unbreakable for the next day.

Even though accepted locally,  it is not entirely accepted regionally and internationally in the mainstream

There are still some places in America who haven’t seen a colored person. In New York, every time I wear my afro curls, I get never ending compliments. But, if I were to wear the same hair style in some parts of North Dakota whom only see black people with straight hair on TV, I may be considered a slight outcast.


Some celebrities just prefer straighter hair for whatever their personal reasons.  Some celebrities like to experiment, some don’t. Oprah has been wearing straighter, relaxed hair for the past 20 years.

It is easier

I remember growing up as a child, I could not wait to get a perm. I would scream and cry every time my mom had to do my hair. As soon as I got my perm, it was just so much easier to execute hair styles.

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