Summer has arrived and we couldn’t be happier. The summer is all about
looking effortlessly cute. Summer break is the perfect time to give our straighteners and curling irons a break and embrace our natural beach waves and rock easy and cute hairstyles

1. Fishtail Braid fishtail braid is easy and simple and looks good on everyone! Instead of taking three strands you part your hair in half and bring a piecee leftto the right then a piece from the right to the left. You can even pull at the sides a little bit and leave a few strands for that “messy cool” look.

2.  Top knot bun

I’ve always been a big fan of buns. They’re easy and take no more than three minutes. This style is perfect for so many different things. You can throw it up in a top knot after the beach or if you’re going on a date. For a top knot you simply put your hair in a ponytail, hairspray the whole thing, tease it a little and wrap it up in a circle and bam you’re done. If you have thick hair you, or you don’t want to deal with the knots that come with teasing, you can just wrap your hair and you’ll have a top knot!

3. Criss cross low bun

Criss cross bun is perfect for work or going out during the hot weather. It keeps the hair off your neck and dresses up your lok. All you have to do it split your hair into three sections, in the middle section put it into a pony tail then wrap it into a bun. The two side pieces cross the opposite side so bring the left to the right side and the right piece to the left then pin to the bun.

4. Lace braid ponytail


It’s a twist on two classics, ponytails and braids. There is so much that you can do with this hairstyle but essentially you braid and instead of braiding it all the way to the bottom, you leave some hair out.


5. French Fishtail seashell braid


This hairstyle looks hard but is exactly really easy! You’re going to start up top as if your french braiding your hair but instead of french braiding a three strand braid you’re going to french braid using the fishtail technique. Continue until the nape of your neck and then tie to keep your place. After continue braiding your hair as a regular fishtail braid. When you braid all of your hair you just wrap in a circle and tie it up.


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