In 1930’s women portrayed a feminine look, getting away from the boyish line of choices in 1920’s.  Deep waves emerged with fashionable hats. One of the most famous styles during this era was the turban which allowed the wearer to bundle away the hair, while still looking well groomed and elegant.

The curls of the hair came in many sizes, but no matter what the curls may be, they were very tight. If the hair was longer, the hair strands will be formed into small curls and pulled back and then these will be secured with pins. Since perming became so popular then, this curling technique was one of the most popular ones.
The popular hairstyles in 1930’s include:

Finger Waves

This is the hairstyle with waves on hairs simply made by fingers. On the wet hair, gel or any styling products are applied, and then hair is combed into ridges and curves with the use of the fingers.

Brush Curling

The curls of this hairstyle are made by winding the hair strands in overlapping curls through he use of a brush then the pins will hold it in place.

Water Wave

The curls are made by placing comb in upward direction on the wet hair with styling gel and once its dry, the comb will be removed.

Wind Blown

The hair is combed on slant and the waves have heart shapes.

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