Now that you know about Porosity, let’s direct our attention to the 2nd most important spice; Elasticity! Elasticity determines the strength of your hair: it is your hair strand’s ability to return to its original state after manipulation, such as being stretched or strained in combing and styling.

The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

The Good:  If your hair returns to its original shape after handling, then you have good elasticity! Your hair strands are strong and resilient; they have body and can maintain curls.  They’re just like Mister Fantastic; able to bend, stretch, twist, and more but amazingly can always return to their natural form.  The Bad:  if your hair strands don’t return to their normal state, or even worse break, then you have poor elasticity.  Imagine doing a split but your legs couldn’t come back together; yes, they remained stretched out or even broke… just snapped! Needless to say, that is definitely The Ugly.  Pretty extreme, but unfortunately, that’s exactly what happens with poor elasticity; the hair strands are frail and easily broken.

Here are three steps to improve poor elasticity.

  • Trim your ends to get rid of the damage hair
  • Use protein treatments
  • Be careful when using styling tools such as combs, brushes, and flat irons on your hair

To maintain good elasticity, follow these three steps.

  • Keep a balance between using protein treatments and conditioners
  • Handle hair with love especially when detangling and styling (be gentle)
  • Keep the scalp in optimal condition

*Note from the Natural Hair Guru:  When your hair is wet, it can stretch up to half of its normal length. Therefore, handle wet hair like a new born baby.  You’ll be thankful you did.*

Does your hair have flexibility!? Let’s find out with the Elasticity Test!

  1. Take a single wet hair strand and securely hold one end of the strand in your left hand and the opposite end in your right hand.  Now try to pull the strand apart.
  2. If the hair stretches but returns to its original length without breaking, it has good elasticity.
  3. If the hair breaks easily or doesn’t to return to its original length, it has low elasticity.

Fun Fact: a healthy strand of hair can hold up 100 grams of weight. That’s 20 nickels held up by only 1 strand of hair!

How many nickels can your hair strand hold?

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