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Yoga for Hair Growth

Vissa Studios Team February 21, 2012 Hair Growth, Natural Hair No Comments

Can attending your yoga class really promote hair growth? Sort of. Maybe. So go the claims of Ramdev yoga, a style of yoga that has been made famous in recent years as a cure all for everything from serious diseases to minor disorders. Now it is being claimed to assist in the hair growth process, using specific breathing techniques that separate it from other forms of yoga.

Ramdev yoga claims to add length to your locks by improving your circulation. Hair loss and slow growth has been related in the past to poor blood flow, which can reduce oxygen levels to the hair follicles. Through Ramdev’s ability to restore healthy air flow through the body, it may work well at restoring your follicles to normal functioning power.

Ramdev is also known for improving digestion and reducing stress, which can also both contribute to hair loss. Take these out of the equation, and your hair may have a fair shot at growing longer faster.

So is it true? The answer is found in you alone – you may consider signing up for a Ramdev yoga class, or look up basic yoga positions including sirsasana, the wind releasing pose or the shoulder stand. The diamond or rabbit poses are also popular when it comes to relaxation and restoring your body’s oxygen and blood flow to its correct limits.

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