Would you just not exercise just to keep your weave looking fresh? That leads many active women question the basics in keeping your weave perfect while being active.

Here are ways to keep your hair fresh.

First things first, make sure you add light serum in your weave. Then try one of these methods.

The Ponytail and the Banding Method

Either high or low ponytails are fine. If you have a full weave then the low ponytail will work best. The ponytail is for moderate work outs like lifting, light running, and pilates.  Do not wear a ponytail if you are doing crazy active workouts.  If your weave is super long. You can place your hair in a ponytail, and do the banding method.

The banding method is basically putting you hair up in a ponytail, and using elastics (about 2-4) to wrap down the mane.

The Bun

The Bun is very affective with doing  extreme sports. Bunning protects the ends and keeps all the moisture in. And everything is out of your face for you to do any sport.


If you just don’t care how you look in the gym. Just wrap your hair in a silk scarf.  Especially, if you are the type of person that always seems to sweat from the head down. Wrapping is very good for Bikram Yoga.

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