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Why Other Cultures are Obsessed with Curls and the Afro

Vissa Studios Team February 15, 2012 Hairstory, Natural Hair No Comments

By Sarie Robertson

Volume is making a comeback in the African American community with large curls and afros. While many would expect naturals and big curls to be popular among African Americans, few would expect such styles to be prominent in cultures known for straightened hair. To the majority’s surprise, various cultures have embraced the natural style and often make attempts at sporting the afro on various occasions.

Among the many races attempting to mimic the African American style are Caucasian women. Although their grade of hair is thin and straight, Caucasian women often make attempts to wear an afro or sport curls in the African American fashion. While many may view such attempts as a recent phenomena, white and brown cultures have followed after treasured styles in the black community for years.

With so many ethnicities in the world one may wonder why African American women are modeled after in the hair styling category. While there is no definite answer to this inquiry, it can be speculated that other cultures fascinated with African American fashion to the point of wanting to mimic it. While some women in the black community are looking to ditch the curls and natural, women outside of the race are trying to find ways to adopt it because they love hair with a lot of volume and curls that have no end.

African Americans have been leaders in so many fields throughout history so it is no surprise that other ethnicities would sport the afro and other natural looks. On the contrary, it is more shocking to see members of the black community trying to abandon their roots when so many cultures seem to love African American hairstyles.

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