India Arie came out with the single “I am Not My Hair” back in 2006 when women started the trend of going natural. She really inspired many black women that it is okay to be you, completely natural, starting from your hair with this song.

Why We Love India Arie I am Not My Hair

The lyrics are very  inspiring. Her words hit every hair subject a lot of black women experience today. Many women are still deciding if they should go natural or not. It is a cultural thing and can be scary. Many asks the questions:

  • How will I be perceived at work?
  • Would people treat me differently?
  • How would I look?
  • Would I be able to attract a mate?

These questions are viable, but the truth is, like the song, you are not your hair. You are a beautiful person. Just be completely you, naturally, and accept this beauty. No need for the false hair, nails or other cosmetics. Just being the best you naturally, is the best gift you can give to yourself.

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