Many curly hair women have asked ‘Why Dominican Hair Salons?’.  There are many reasons why Dominican hair salons are great. Below, are reason why Dominican hair salons can work with your hair.

why dominican hair salonsDominicans have a lot of experience with African descent hair.

The Dominican Republic was the first port of entry for African slaves, only a few years after Columbus discovered the Americas. There have been black people in Dominica longer than there have been African Americans in North America. Ninety percent of the population of the Dominican Republic are blacks or mulattoes. Mulatto is the South American term for somebody who is mixed African and Caucasian or Indian. They may speak Spanish, but the expertise of a Dominican Salon with black hair is undeniable.

Dominican Salons offer better results for half the price.

You would typically pay less than $50 for a visit. The salon visit would consist of a shampoo and deep conditioner soak under a dryer. The hair is then set in rollers, you choose the size, then dried again under a very hot hooded dryer. The rollers are removed and the hair is combed out with a hot blow and round brush applied with practiced technique. The result is soft and set curls that will keep for as long as two weeks.

Dominican salons use hair products that you will only find in their salons.

They favour shampoos and conditioners they know work in their own country and bring that to their salons. These products are usually put in unlabelled bottles. You will not find them in outlet stores. Dominican salons also favour natural products like avocado, coconut oil, cinnamon oils, garlic, aloe, olive oil and wheat germ.

Dominican salons specialize in curly and kinky hair.

The techniques developed by Dominican stylists were done in a climate that is very hot and humid. Just imagine what heat and humidity can do to curly hair. Somehow, they have found ways to work in these conditions and have come up with methods to set curly and kinky hair that will withstand heat and humidity. They do not resort to hot irons or strong chemicals to straighten hair because this will only destroy hair faster in a sunny and humid climate.

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