Dreadlocks have a long history. The first writings of the style appeared in the Veda scriptures from India, dating from approximately 1800 BC. Bas-relief statues from ancient Egypt show dread-locked figures, and mummified figures from Egypt whom also sported the style. Ancient Celts were dreadlocks that Ceasar described as “hair like snakes”.

Many cultures have worn this hair style such as: Nazorites, Greeks, Germanic tribes, Aztecs, Naga Indians, the Mau Mau tribes, Hindu, and the Baye Fall of Senegal. Among the Ashanti and other Akans of Gahna dreadlocks were worn by their spiritual leaders, known as Okomfos. Warriors of the Maasai in Kenya wore long dreadlocks that dyed them red.

Dreadlocks are also connected with the Rastafarian movement. One interpretation tells that Rastamen wore their dreads spiritually, as they have been instructed to keep their bodies whole. One of the most popular dread was Bob Maley whom was apart of the Rastafarian movement in the 1980’s.

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