Solange did her thing her way on her wedding day. Her fro and wedding attire were fabulous. What was interesting were the comments on social media that were less than flattering. A percentage of people felt strongly that Solange should have, “Straightened that nappy mess.” These disparaging comments came from black women and men. They were of course outnumbered by the praise tweets and posts for stepping outside the norm and being beautiful.

Solange has a laid-back style and aura that allows her to pick her hair out and wear it natural, do a well placed wedding dance with her ten-year-old son, and hit the just married trail with her new husband on a classic bicycle.

solange-knowles-wedding-dress-ftrShe has a confidence that doesn’t care what others think about how she embraces self-love and how she presents to the world. That’s the key to being comfortable in the skin you’re in. Embrace yourself fully.

What Solange’s hair says to me is simple. It states, “I like what I see when I look in the mirror.”

If we can get past the fact that there is not one standard of beauty for a group as diverse as black women we have won half the battle. The second key to winning is to find what works for us on an individual level and turn it up.

If you wear your look like it was designed especially for you and own it, nobody can tear it down. So let’s stop with the self put-downs about hair that is too short, too long, not full enough, etc, and build on what we have. We live in amazing times, talk to your stylist and be clear about what you want your hair to look like. You’re more likely to get the flavor you want by stating what you want, having an image, and being open to new possibilities.

Solange thank you for being a style Goddess who embraces her natural beauty.

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