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Weaves installed too tight can cause anything from mild pain to serious conditions including areas of permanent baldness. The problem is common one and particularly affects those who have a tender scalp or are new to weaves. Users are often discouraged from trying to loosen a weave because of the expense that went into it. However, the long term consequences and health of the hair should always be paramount.

Signs that a weave is too tight begin with headaches or pain when lifting the head, washing the face or making certain expressions. No hairstyle should ever cause pain and steps should be taken to alleviate the discomfort immediately.

Additional symptoms can include redness or pimples on the scalp. Some users may find that the braids themselves are not too tight but when the weft is put in, the stitching becomes tighter.

Apply Oils

Applying an oil or balm the scalp between the threads of the weave can release tension of the tightness. Suitable products include tree tree oil, peppermint oil or even a mixture of conditioner and water sprayed on to the scalp. These should be massaged into the temples and around the tracks to both loosen the weave and relieve head pain.

Apply Warm Water or Steamed Towel

The weave can also be loosened in the shower by standing under a flow of warm water and gently massaging the scalp in the areas that are tight. Alternatively, covering the head in a steaming towel can help to make the weave more manipulatable before the user attempts to loosen it. Some wearers may find it beneficial to rub the scalp with a head massager before trying to loosen the weave. When sleeping, avoiding pressure on the side where the weave is tightest can also help to reduce problems.

Redo with Looser Braids

If the weave does not loosen enough to make the pain desist after trying these methods, it is essential to return to the stylist. A good stylist should always agree to redo or loosen the weave without charge. It may be necessary to take a mild aspirin to reduce pain until reaching the salon. Revisiting the stylist should be a priority as leaving the weave tight for a longer period of time increases the chance of hair becoming ripped out or a high amount of shedding when the weave is removed. The next time the user has a weave, it is recommendable to ask the stylist to braid looser and to mention the previous problems.

What is your method?

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