Weave clips ebb and flow in popularity, and are usually most prolific among those women who like to change their look often without a lot of fuss. In today’s faux hair marketplace, weave clips can be quite stylish and realistic looking, having improved greatly in the past couple of decades. While most hair extensions require the expertise of a salon pro, clips are great because they can be done at home.

One of the best parts of weave clips is that they do not damage your hair. If you are looking for an instant long look without having to deal with glues or other adhesion methods that can cause breakage and extreme damage to hair, then a weave clip may work well for you.

Another huge bonus is the fact they are totally temporary. Wear them for a week or for a minute – take them out to sleep and stick them back in when you start your day. They also usually give you more bang for your buck, as they last longer due to being removable.

One set back is that temporary clips are not a long-term solution if you’re seeking hair extensions due to damaged or thinning hair. You need enough of your natural hair to secure the clip, and they will not work well as a long-term arrangement. They are designed to be a fun fashion statement more than a normal, necessary style move. Finally, you may end up spending more money in the long run if you lose or damage your weave clips. Be sure to take excellent care of them so they will go for as many fashion miles as you hope for!

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