Fusion human hair extensions are considered a form of permanent hair extensions. Traditional extensions attach to the hair by gluing, sewing, clipping or tubing, only lasting a week to a couple months depending on method and care. Fused hair lasts 3 to 6 months with proper maintenance and care, appear completely natural and can be styled using the same methods as natural hair without extensions. Fusion hair is attached though an application process called fusion bonding. Several strands of hair are separated and the hair extensions are attached in small bundles with a glue or protein bond close to the scalp. If the process is completed properly by an experienced, licensed professional hair stylist, these hair extensions appear natural and are non-damaging to the scalp and natural hair.

Hair bonding can certainly be done without damaging your hair, but there is always the risk of damage. Hair bonding basically involves fixing additional strands of hair to your natural hair. The additional hair that is used may be synthetic or human. The synthetic hair can be made of many different types of plastic fibers, and is usually cheaper than human hair, but does not last as long. It tends to get tangled a lot more than real hair, and also has a tendency to become very frizzy. Styling options are also limited, as certain techniques such as heating are not suitable for synthetic hair.

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