Thermal heat caps are caps used to trap heat on the head for deep conditioning of the hair. In order for some products to penetrate deep within the hair shaft, the follicles need to open up with generated heat. The thermal heat caps generate the heat and then the conditioner can begin to work on the hair when the right conditions are present. The artificial heat speeds up the process of conditioning.

These caps are made in a terry cloth turban style that can be microwaved for the right temperature setting. They come with gel packs which have their own Velcro pockets sewn into the lining of the cap. The traditional thermal heat cap is simply a cotton polyester cap with a chin strap. The gel caps function as mentioned above. The cap will not burn if used as directed. Hair is deep conditioned with the gentle release of heat from the microwaved elements in the heat cap.

These thermal heat caps are great for hot oil treatments and deep conditioning of the hair. Your hair will seem rejuvenated after its deep conditioning. The hair should be less susceptible to breakage and should be smoother to the touch; more manageable hair that feels great and looks great. Wearing thermal heat caps twice a year at a minimum for deep conditioning treatments brings out the best characteristics of your hair and tames the unruly aspects of your hair.

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