By Ronnie Williams

Hair loss, in any form is depressing and defeating, especially when it is at the front edge line of the scalp.

The first step to ending it and growing the hair back is figuring out what caused it.

  • Is your hair always pulled back?
  • Are you using products with a lot of alcohol?
  • Do you chemically process your hair too often?
  • Are you taking care of yourself?

The second step to stopping breakage is to end that activity which caused it.

Stop pulling your hair back.
Remove the weave or tight braids that yank and tug at edges and allow your hair time to relax.

Perhaps the best thing while letting your hair grow back is to purchase a full head wig with a bang. Lacefronts can be utilized also; however the bonding agents may add further irritation. To begin the re-growth process naturally, certain herbs can be used, such as burdock root, and Vitamins E and A.

These herbs can be mixed with olive oil or applied alone and massaged in the scalp twice a day. If the breakage is due to a more serious problem, such as alopecia, or if you notice hair is not budding or growing in 2 months time, visit a doctor to determine the exact cause.

Wash and condition hair regularly and finger massage the temples and edges while hair is conditioning. The massage will stimulate blood flow and encourage growth.

Avoid tight hairstyles and chemical processes for as long as possible while treating the scalp.

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