If you have challenging naturally curly hair, never ever attempt to fight it. They will win by just breaking away from you and falling out.

Curly hair may look stubborn and seem to have a mind of its own but it is actually quite fragile. So caring for it as if you would care child is vital.

Tip: Please remember that curly hair is dry and water should be its best friend. So, basic deep conditioning once a week and moisturizing 2x a day is very important.

However, if you seem to have problems figuring out your regimen on detangling, below are basics in protecting your hair while getting rid of these unwanted knots.

Detangle while Washing

The best way to detangle your naturally curly hair is while it is wet. If you attempt to comb your hair dry, it will just break off. So, wash and condition it first.

While conditioning it, use a Wide Tooth Detangling Comb and comb it through you hair starting from the ends and working you way up.  Leave in the conditioner for an extra 5 minutes to make sure it sets in to leave extra moisture that may be needed.

Once you wash your conditioner out with luke warm water, continue to comb if there are some tangles. The water will help release those hard to get knots. Apply a leave-on conditioner to the hair after a shower when it is still damp. Run your fingers gently through to make sure all the tangles and knots are gone. Once all gone, please style your hair that doesn’t cause tangles, like a twist out or braid out.

Widetooth/Finger Combing

Again, remember water is your friend. If you rather not shower you can also detangle using a widetooth comb or your fingers. However, you will need to use a detangler, your leave-in condition, or a spray bottle filled with water and your favorite moisturizer to assist in the detangling.

Either with your fingers or wide tooth comb, make sure you start with really small sections. Put in the the detangler, leave in conditioner, or the spray and moisturizer, and again start at the ends of your hair and work your way up.

To prevent tangles from emerging, choose a hairstyles like twist, braids, or even bunning. These styles are protective hairstyles that do not matte often. Also, make sure you consistently moisturize your hair from getting dry, which is half of the cause of knotting.

If you are still unsure, popular Youtuber Naptural85 has the perfect detangling regimen. Watch this video and you will see how she detangles her hair section by section.

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